ONASI is a proyect that was born near the River Plate, between San Fernando ,the National Capital of the Nautical life, and the Altantic ocean, Pinamar City, where water and wind get together with an intense passion, and to converge art with maritime world.

This inspired us to create ONASI – Art gallery to represent local and international artists which, in their artwork, dialogue with riverside and maritime themes.

We chose the boat, because it was essential in our family life and we have always considered it a masterpiece.

Located in this present of new techonologies, at ONASI, we have developed a virtual support to show our artists and offer their art pieces to the whole world.

We invite you to visit our web site and discover new horizons.



Onasi brings passion to merge art and the maritime world.
We are passionate about art, culture and communication, love to be part of it, representing national and international artists of great experience being active participants of artistic and cultural events worldwide we have a wide range of exclusive works offering experienced people who are interested in purchasing their first authenticated work advice.
our select group of artists, with a serious and thoughtful curator, enables us to deliver a wide and interesting range of possibilities for our customers accompanied by frontline artists and with our catalog where they can appreciate the different impressions and styles
following our inspiration from the start, our sensitivity Art Gallery was developing, taking the nuances of the sunrises where allowed us to deploy our passion for art
Atte. Onasi Art Gallery

ONASI Galería de Arte
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