Oscar Marine (1951)

Designer, illustrator, skilled typographer and artist. Oscar Mariné is a comunicator with no limits. Facing any diffusion challenge, Mariné provides with creative solutions supported by a profound typographic knowledge and a genuinly new illustration. Whether a logo, an art magazine or a newspaper supplement, his work always meet the project needs by combining reliability with creativity.

Recently, he has been awarded by the Ministry od Science and Innovation with the National Design Award – 2010.

Mariné has done many works, national and internationally, such diverse fields as publishing, corporate image, film or music. He has developed projects for brands such as Camper, Swatch, Loewe or Vega Sicilia, which are well-known in Spain.

We can add to these international achievements, the American campaign of Absolut Vodka, "Absolut Mariné" and the brand development for the architectural firm of Sir Norman Foster, Foster & Partners, where his proposal echoed with the aesthetics of the London swinging sixties.

In the recent exhibition “1900 El Greco" in Toledo, Mariné proposed a holistic view of museology, architecture, lighting, graphics and catalog. The innovative lighting of the paintings and installations, which allowed the visitors to “go inside” the painting called “El entierro del Conde de Orgaz", has been defined by critics as "a brilliant and innovative vision, stripped of outdated stereotypes."

With an extensive background in publishing projects, Mariné is responsable of the “C Photo Internacional Magazine“ art and design, a magazine published by Ivory Press. In journalism, the newspaper called “El País” has entrusted to study the redesign of its sections “Babelia”, “Domingo” and “El País Semanal”. Mariné has created for this diary new designs granting greater clarity, providing the reader bright publications that remove all superfluous graphics and inviting to reading journalism.

Some of the following musicians have requested Mariné's participation in creating album covers: Andrés Calamaro and Los Rodriguez, Brian Eno, Kevin Ayers, Siniestro Total and flamenco fusion musicians, Michel Camilo and Tomatito. His projects include iconic film posters of “All About My Mother”, from Pedro Almodovar, “The Day of the Beast”, from Alex de la Iglesia, or “Earth”, from Julio Medem.

This connection with the seventh art has continued with the design of the image of festivals such as “Zinebi”, whose poster earned Mariné the Merit Award from the New York Art Director's Club. He has also designed the official image from the 2007 Film Festival in San Sebastian. A refreshing image, bathed the dark blue of the bay of San Sebastian.

Mariné's paintings have been exhibited in Tokyo, New York, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Madrid and Ibiza, and were part of an important number exhibitions. This multidisciplinar creativity is visible from his beginnings as an artist in the artistic direction of “Madrid me Mata”,where he merged the substance to form an iconic publication.

Oscar Mariné's work treasures the imprint of a total creator, which combines content, context and various techniques to overcome barriers and promote organic product design conception. This makes him an essential reference of contemporary communication.

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